Why I Work With World Vision

In my last blog post I described how I took action on my decision to give money to charities this summer after being inspired by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Today, I want to start talking about the charities I’ve been partnering with. I guess there’s no better place than at the beginning, with the first organization I decided to work with – World Vision.

To put it simply, World Vision is an international, faith-based charity dedicated to helping children around the world who have become victims of poverty due to war, famine or their refugee status.

They provide food, medicine, shelter and hope for a better future for these children. World Vision also lets you sponsor individual children, which means you can directly track the results of your donations and see how the funding is affecting their lives.

Reading their literature, I was astounded by how many children are suffering through poverty in all four corners of the world. I was also impressed with the research, which showed that World Vision has enjoyed a solid reputation all these years. That’s when I decided to sponsor 100 children through World Vision right off the bat. Since then, I’ve sponsored an additional child each day. It reminds me of how lucky I’ve been in my life, and it keeps me motivated to keep on giving.

As part of my commitment to World Vision, I also agreed to help spread the word of how they have been able to help hundreds of thousands of children over the years. Which is why I wrote this blog post – not to brag about what I’ve done, but to encourage anyone who will listen to support their efforts as well. And, if you are not in a position to help them, at least tell your family and friends about their good work and remind people who are looking to give back, to give to World Vision.

The more people who know about World Vision, the more resources the organization will have at its disposal and the more children they will be able to help.

There is no shortage of poverty in the world, but if all of us come together there will also be no shortage of help.

Let’s get to work and help build a better future for children suffering from poverty.


~ by Jesse Willms on September 6, 2010.

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